Cashew encrusted sweet potato over gnocchi

Cashew Encrusted Sweet Potato over Gnocchi

This turned out really well, I highly suggest trying it, the cheese was only an afterthought, it is most definitely a full meal without it. Ingredients (Serves […]

Fresh salad


Ingredients: Red leaf lettuce Red pepper Fresh tomato Avocado Fried tofu Grated cheddar cheese Salt & pepper Olive oil Apple cider vinegar

Azuki bean tacos

Azuki Bean Tacos

Ingredients: Beans: Azuki beans Onion Garlic Chili powder Cumin Chilpolte Filling: Portebella mushroom Red Kale Avocado Fresh Tomato Cheddar cheese

Red bean enchiladas

Red bean Enchilladas

Enchiladas are becoming a specialty of mine, these were amazing. Ingredients: Red onion Red beans (kidney beans) Portebella mushroom Spinach Chilpolte pepper Hot peppers Chedder […]

Spinach feta mushroom noodles

Spinach feta mushroom noodles

Ingredients: Egg noodles Feta Spinach Portebella mushroom Hot peppers

Portebella tomato & cheese sandwich

Portebella tomato cheese sandwich

Ingredients Portebella mushrooms Cheddar cheese Fresh tomato Spinach Sourdough

Unique salad

Texas caviar salad

Ingredients: Texas Caviar (Link Here) Baby spinach Sheep milk feta Avocado

Goat cheese pasta

Goat cheese basil mushroom pasta

Ingredients: Portebella mushroom Tempeh Hot peppers Green beans Pasta Goat cheese Fresh basil

Goat cheese stuffed portebellas

Goat cheese stuffed portebella

Amazing! Ingredients: Goat cheese Garlic Fresh basil Portebella mushrooms

Goat cheese white pizza

Mini pesto goat cheese pizza

This mini pizza was amazing, perfectly sized and full of flavor. Ingredients: Home made whole wheat crust Portebella mushrooms Yellow bell pepper Goat cheese Sauce: […]

Spicy salad

Hot Pepper encrusted mushroom salad

This one was SPICY!, three large handfuls of peppers in here. Ingredients: Pepper encrusted portebellas Avocado Fresh tomato Yellow bell pepper Mixed salad greens

Hearty salad

Mushroom tempeh and goat cheese salad

Mmmmm more salad, now with more protein! Ingredients: Hot pepper encrusted tempeh Hot pepper encrusted portebella Baby salad mix Fresh tomatoes Goat cheese